动土又称「起土」一般相信土地有其土地神,因此在建造房子或整修房子而必须动工挖土时,为了防患触怒土地神而招至灾祸,因此在动土开工前,必定要参考当年农民历,选择适宜动土的吉日良时,并且在动土当日准备供品、纸钱祭拜土地神「照会」一下土地神,以祈求顺利平安。 随后用铁锤在工地的伏位敲打,象征开工。


Praying on behalf service

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Dong Tu (动土) Package

What is ground-breaking ceremony (动土) ?

Ground-breaking ceremony is a tradition in many cultures around the world to mark the first day of construction for a new project.The purpose is to enhance the auspiciousness of your home or business.


Ground-breaking ceremony is done on an auspicious date and involves certain praying rituals. Such ritual is believed to release and attract auspicious Qi (energies) to protect and bless the construction. It is also a means to neutralize any residential negative Qi (energies) that may cause delays of works or accidents.


Why is it important to choose an auspicious date and time?

Selecting a good date for the start of renovation  is to ensure that you do not accidentally activate the negative Qi or the Sui Po 歲破 and 3 Killings (三煞). If activated, it will bring about severe problems to the owners such as loss of wealth, health problems or relationship issues etc.

What are the procedures involved?


There are basically 3 steps.


Step 1 - Praying.


This involved reciting of some auspicious words followed by offering of incense.


Step 2 - Cleansing.


This involved using the pomelo leaf/pomegranate leaf to sprinkle water around the house from the clockwise direction from the main door and go around the whole house.


Step 3 - Knocking.


This involved using hammer to gently knock on the floor (the number of times to be advised by Master) on a selected spot in the house. This is to indicate the commencement of renovation.


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An Lah, we offer the following services:


1. Dong Tu (动土) Package


Our Dong Tu package comes with 5 sets of praying items, an auspicious date and also a steps-by-steps guide to perform the ceremony.



2. Praying services perform by

Feng Shui Consultant or Feng Shui Master

For those who prefer to engage expert to do the ground breaking ceremony on your behalf, you can either engage our Feng Shui Consultant or Feng Shui Master.


The package comes with 5 sets of praying materials, fruits, food, auspicious date for Dong Tu and move-in date.


Simply contact us to learn more about our service.